Sean Doherty
Meet Sean Doherty
Sean Doherty, MD, is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is located in Boston and Concord, Massachusetts.  His practice  serves the greater Boston area. Dr. Sean Doherty offers his patients the finest in plastic surgery techniques, whether they are seeking a subtle change in appearance or a complete transformation.

Dr. Doherty’s practice focuses on providing our patients with exceptional care with safe and superior plastic surgery outcomes. Dr. Doherty feels that the best way to achieve beautiful and natural looking results is to incorporate safe and technical skill with meticulous attention to aesthetic detail. By taking this approach to plastic surgery, Dr. Doherty has the privilege of helping numerous patients attain their plastic surgery goals.
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Boston Plastic Surgery – Sean Doherty, MD

Mission StatementThe word “plastic” is derived from a Greek word plastikos meaning to “mold” or “shape.” Today, plastic surgery has evolved as an unequaled medical specialty. Plastic surgery relies heavily on technical skill, artistic ability, and scientific knowledge. The specialty incorporates both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, and requires more training than other surgical specialties. Many of the techniques used in cosmetic surgery are derived from reconstructive procedures. I have been fortunate to receive extensive training in the most up-to-date reconstructive and cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. It is my goal to utilize this experience to provide the most effective and safe procedures for all of my patients. Plastic Surgery means much more to me than simply “molding” or “shaping.”

Aesthetic surgery can do as much for self-image as well as for appearance. Refinements from cosmetic surgery often produce positive changes in self awareness and attitude that can be perceived and appreciated by you and those around you. My goal is to produce subtle but exciting changes. An “overdone” look or a “surgical” appearance is never something I try to create with my patients.

The decision to change your appearance requires realistic expectations in addition to a thorough knowledge of the surgical process. It is my desire to help you achieve both. Together, we will discuss all aspects of your procedure.

As an undergraduate, I studied art and art history. Learning about classical art laid down a foundation for my aesthetic. Throughout history, simple and subtle beauty has prevailed. My aesthetic is based on this. In all aspects of my practice, my goal is to create a simple and attractive beauty.

 encourage questions during your consultation with me and understand that you need to take time to make your decision. It is the time you spend with your plastic surgeon before the operation that is important. You and your surgeon must share the same aesthetic. Through honest discussions about realistic expectations and goals, I know we both will achieve a great result.

I look forward to meeting you!