Aug 31, 2016

ZALEA Launches New Physician Cosmetic Procedure Reviews


ZALEA is excited to now offer exclusive cosmetic procedure reviews. Recognizing a huge need for patients and consumers to access fair, independent and unbiased information about cosmetic procedures, ZALEA’s editors have polled the most experienced physicians and experts in the field, compiled all of the relevant data and presented it in an informative, easy-to-read format.

“There is a profound need for accurate and unbiased information about aesthetic procedures, and with the patient in mind we felt a huge responsibility to make a difference where we can,” says ZALEA Editor-in-Chief Dr. Christopher Zachary.

Every day millions of frustrated consumers search the web trying to sort through the ads, pay-to-play reviews, crowd-based ratings and misinformation to find out what’s working, and how and where to find an expert to help them achieve their goals. ZALEA’s new procedure reviews aim to solve this problem.

The reviews include an overall score for the procedure based on its results, patient and doctor satisfaction, as well as how well it lives up the marketing claims. Pros and cons of the procedures, doctor testimonials, as well as other relevant information are all included to provide a powerful tool to prospective patients and consumers. We’ve also enabled commenting on the reviews in the hopes of continuing the dialog.

“We feel that this will be a very valuable tool for anyone that's thinking about pursuing a cosmetic procedure," says ZALEA Founder and CEO Louis Scafuri. “Everyone has the right to accurate, transparent information when they're making decisions about their appearance and well-being and that's what we're here to deliver."

ZALEA plans to publish reviews on the most in-demand procedures and will continue this develop this series in response to audience requests under the guidance of their expert physician Editorial Board.  Details of the Review Program are as follows:

ZALEA Branded Procedure Reviews

  • Physician-based reviews of most popular "branded cosmetic procedures."
  • Community opinion and commenting by registered users.
  • Reviews are independent and are not sponsored by advertising dollars.
  • Transparency in Branded Procedure Review criteria is designed to be unbiased.
  • Complaint with FTC Guidelines for endorsements and reviews.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the reviewers?
All reviews are conducted by physician specialists from ZALEA's Editorial Board and Guest Editors that are recognized as experts in their given fields of dermatology, plastic surgery, and cosmetic procedures.

How are they selected?
  • Patient treatment experience of more than three months.
  • Clinical Research experience with the procedure.
  • Board Certified in their respective field.
  • “Material Connections” (sometimes payments or free products) between product manufacturers and endorsers – connections that consumers might not expect – will be disclosed.
What is the General Review?
  • Designed to help prospective patients get accurate and unbiased information about procedures.
  • Be Independent, objective, multi-faceted and feature balanced, authoritative, aggregated opinions.
Do ZALEA's Ratings have a “Proprietary Algorithm or Filters”?
  • Our Review Criteria (aggregated and weighted equally) - out of 10 Points.
  • Marketing Claims: Accuracy compared to company info provided (*One Point for each 10% of Accuracy).
  • Reliable Clinical Data to Support Claims? (Peer Reviewed Literature).
  • Two Points for every peer-reviewed publication of quality (up to five).
  • Editors Clinical Experience: Measured in Level of Efficacy seen after patient treatments  (Efficacy: One point for each 10% of Efficacy e.g. 70% effective = 7 out of 10).
  • Patient experience: Comfort Level (During or post treatment, 10 Point being most comfortable, 1 Points being worst pain imaginable - Traditional Pain Index Scale).
  • Patient experience: Satisfaction and Recommendation (Percentage of patients who would rate the results as satisfied or highly satisfied and or would refer a friend for the same treatment).
How is the Scorecard compiled?
  • All reviews are scored from the criteria above. They are then collated and averaged.
  • All criteria and review scores from each expert physician are weighted equally.
  • Average values for each are rounded up on a 10-point scale.
  • An average final score from all five criteria will be displayed.
  • Reviews are not “filtered.” Reviews from physicians receiving endorsement funding from product companies are marked by
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