Oct 31, 2016 Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine

When Patients Try to Seduce Doctors

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When Patients Try to Seduce Doctors - ZALEA Article Banner

Physicians are sometimes portrayed as sexual predators of patients. That issue is in the public eye right now, after the Atlanta Journal-Constitution release in July of its study uncovering thousands of cases of physician sexual abuse of patients.[1]

There's also a flip side to this issue: There are many cases in which the tables are turned, and patients try to seduce physicians.

Doctors have to be vigilant about amorous patients, according to experts who treat doctors for sexual offenses. Patients' advances can often be quite intense. In some cases, they may willfully entrap doctors or even level false accusations against them. State medical boards view these cases very seriously, and any hint at complicity can ruin a doctor's career.

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