Mar 7, 2018

ThermiTight Review: Skin Tightening Treatment

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ThermiTight Procedure Review
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Editorial Review


  • Procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes
  • Lifting and tightening of sagging jaw line and neck in general
  • Minimal downtime, excellent results
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Single treatment procedure that produces real clinical results and has less than a week downtime.
  • Patients see definite results
  • Cons:

  • Some post-operative swelling that may persist several weeks
  • Tumescence with local anesthesia is the most uncomfortable aspect of this treatment; once anesthetized, no pain
  • The results are gradual and progressive and it takes about 6-9 months to see the ultimate response
  • Things You should know:

  • This is moderately invasive surgery
  • Some people do not respond to this or any heat treatment for laxity
  • Should be done to treat skin laxity
  • Recovery time may take one week
  • Avoid NSAID's, ASA , fish oils, Vitamin E,  7 days prior to procedure unless physician states otherwise
  • Expectations are everything- regarding not only outcome but also downtime
  • Physician Testimonials

    “We frequently use this technology for submental fat and laxity and get near facelift like results. It can also used for small deposits of abdominal and inner thigh, saddle bag fat.” - Stephen Mandy M.D

    “ThermiTight is an in-office single treatment procedure that produces real clinical results and has less than a week downtime.  The treatment works exceptionally well and patients see definite results.” - Cary D. Nelson, M.D.

    “ThermiTight is very effective if used for the right patient in the right area.  I am most impressed with treatments of the neck and lower abdominal wall.” - Anonymous, M.D.

    Additional Information

    Procedure Description:

    During the ThermiTight® treatment, a tiny probe is used to gently heat target tissues to a user determined therapeutic temperature. After the treatment, a gentle wrap is applied and most patients report resuming normal activity within 1-3 days.

    Typical Clinical Applications:

    Skin laxity on the neck & jowls, breasts, arms, abdomen, thighs and knees

    Best Patient Candidates:

    Patients with skin laxity in the neck & jowls who do not want surgery

    Other Patient Considerations:

    Skin laxity in other body areas

    ThermiTight US Procedure Cost & Price Range:


    Average Number of Treatments Needed:

    1 treatment.

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