Jul 8, 2016

The Art Of Achieving A Natural Face

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By Jordan V. Wang, MD       

Although many people consider undergoing cosmetic procedures, there is usually a common theme to the roadblock preventing them. While most people have the desire to look more naturally beautiful, they greatly fear ending up with that ‘fake’ look that everyone dreads.

In an article published in the medical journal, JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Steven Dayan and Dr. Nazanin Ashourian of the Chicago Center for Facial Plastic Surgery discuss some of the considerations for achieving a natural face in cosmetic procedures.

Both Dayan and Ashourian reinforce the belief that the greatest barrier to cosmetic treatments for interested patients is the fear of appearing unnatural. However, without a single definition of what exactly natural beauty is and various opinions as to what it is that makes a person ‘beautiful’, practitioners are left with an ever-difficult problem to address.
Until recently, the most common model for natural beauty has been based on 2-dimensional photos of the patient’s face and uses mathematical formulas that the industry has always relied on. However, this fails to represent how patients really behave and act when they are in public settings. This can also unintentionally lead to less natural outcomes than some patients would hope for.

While in public, patients are talking, moving, and showing facial expressions--acting as 3-dimensional models that are actually dynamic. As currently setup, many cosmetic procedures may make patients look more naturally beautiful in photos but not necessarily in real-life situations. Some examples that the authors offer are the over-injection of fillers to the cheeks as well as botulinum toxin A to canthal lines, which may prevent patients from having a natural smile or even fully smiling at all.

Dayan and Ashourian conclude that more practitioners should take such considerations into account before performing cosmetic procedures. They personally have started recording videos of patients performing various facial expressions in addition to the standard photos that we have all become accustomed to. Their ultimate goal is to help patients achieve a more completely natural look.

Perhaps through trying to mimic what people are doing in real life, we can further push the boundaries for how cosmetic procedures can enhance natural beauty.

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