Oct 30, 2016 Allure magazine

Testimonial: At-Home Microneedling

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There's no question that I'm a skincare devotee. Not only am I constantly writing about new products, but I'm actually smearing them all over my face, too. Typically, I have about a 10-step skincare routine both AM and PM. And no, it wasn't because of the K-beauty trend. It's been since I was 18. (I'm now 31.)

For all of the oils, serums, and scrubs I've tried, loved, or abandoned; I've never really felt comfortable with anyone touching my skin, let alone getting a professional facial. I can't help it—I just hate when people touch my face. I'm convinced that they're going to make it worse.

So when I first heard about at-home microneedling—an affordable way of giving yourself what's normally a $250 in-office dermatologist treatment—I jumped at the chance to try it. If I could use one of these "dermarollers" for facial-like results without letting anyone touch my face, I was in.

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