Nov 24, 2017

Podcast: Solutions to Flatten Your Tummy and Banish the Bloat with Summer Bock

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Would you like to flatten your tummy? Who wouldn’t?

This episode is the first of a three part series of the Holistic Plastic Surgery Show that gives you practical solutions to flatten your tummy. Every other week we’ll target a cause of a puffy tummy, including extra skin, extra fat, and today’s topic: bloating.

Do you find that your tummy feels bloated after eating even the smallest meals? Do you seem to have more gas than you should? Or maybe you find that your pants don’t fit after drinking something as simple as a glass of water?

If any of these apply to you, then this podcast episode is for you. On this episode we’ll reveal a simple, three point solution to your bloating issues. We’ll inform you on what are the three healthiest fermented foods, which probiotics are the best for your gut microbiome, why the proton pump inhibitors your doctor is prescribing you may actually be making your bloating worse, and much more.

Please join me and my good friend, gut health expert Summer Bock, as we reveal how to banish your belly bloat.


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