Jun 29, 2015

Plastic Surgery Trends of 2015

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by Anna Marques

It seems that 2015 is the year of cosmetic treatments. Your entire body, it seems, is a canvas! Neck Liposuction has been named as one to go for in 2015, to slim the neck and enhance the chin.  Cheek Liposuction is also in the crosshairs of the trendsetters, as those cute pinch-able cheeks of youth morph to jowls, post 40. 

While some are still publicly plumping up (Nicole Kidman and Courtney Cox have been sighted with suddenly inflated cheeks) many others may be looking to tweak that bit of extra baggage.  Feeling a little “down at the mouth”? The Grin Lift could perk up your smile. 
It ‘ll only hurt when you laugh.  Caution: so you don’t come out of this looking like The Joker (or Meg Ryan) chose your surgeon with a careful eye to his or her ‘Before and After’ gallery.

If you long for Cara Delevingne’s ‘power brows’ (which back in the 80’s were the exclusive domain of Brooke Shields) they can be yours, designed by you with an ordinary stencil, and followed by an Eyebrow Transplant.  Just a few little hairs cut, or sucked, from the back of your head.  Ouch!  And you might want those brows plucked again in 2016, who knows?   What about your breasts?  Still hauling around those implants from the 90’s?  You might investigate having them taken out, with an “ex-plant.”  Or do you just wish you could perk up your ‘girls’ a bit?  Maybe the new Internal Bra procedure, with silicone or mesh fabric option, is the answer.

Have a little too much back fat?  The Bra Line Back Lift surgically removes back rolls leaving a scar neatly hidden in the bra line.  And speaking of breasts, what about your nipples?  Are they too big, or too long?  Surgeons are standing by with the solution: the Nipple and Areola reduction.  

Moving down to your lower half, the hotly-desired “thigh gap,” formerly possessed only by young, whippet-like models with skinny legs and wide hips, can now be yours with Thigh Gap Therapy, using cold lasers.  And if your belly button is an “outie,” an “innie” can easily be fashioned, with just a little snip and tuck.  

Finally, a note to self (and significant others!) for next year.  The number of Americans receiving cosmetic surgery as a holiday gift has steadily increased over the past few years.  Though some potential patients say they would be offended to receive a cosmetic surgery gift certificate, most recipients have already rushed in for a consult, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Better to give than receive?  We don’t think so!  

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Anna Marques

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