Sep 30, 2015

Non Surgical Skin Tightening Procedures & Treatments

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By Jordan V. Wang, MBE        

Ever wanted to get rid of those wrinkles and tighten up your skin? But were too scared to go under the knife? Other treatment choices are currently out there and available for you to explore.

Dr. Arisa Ortiz, Director of Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology at UC San Diego, spoke on maximizing results from skin tightening procedures at this year’s Masters of Aesthetics Symposium in San Diego. She covered the current options for non-surgical treatments, which tighten skin laxity by the deposition of heat.  Even though surgical lifts remain the gold standard, patients undergoing these non-invasive procedures can expect to see mild to moderate improvement while taking on less risk. These are good alternatives for those who would like to avoid undergoing surgery.

Ablative laser resurfacing works by removing the top layer of skin and also heating the layers underneath to stimulate new collagen deposition. Removal of the outermost skin helps to even out skin tones and improves discoloration. However, one should expect several weeks downtime after the procedure during which the rejuvenated skin heals. Fractionated ablative lasers are the next generation devices; they are safer and come with less downtime, but also provide more modest outcomes.

Some devices incorporating near-infrared and radiofrequency energy have been shown to be of benefit in those with mild to moderate laxity. These are much safer procedures in comparison to the traditional ablative laser resurfacing and come with very little subsequent downtime. However, they typically require multiple treatments depending on the device.

Broadband light devices (intense pulsed light) are designed to treat the browns and reds (liver spots and blood vessels) and also heat and denature collagen in the skin.  With multiple treatments, skin rejuvenation will occur, accompanied by collagen remodeling and tissue tightening. Additionally, there is neither wounding nor significant downtime.

Micro-focused ultrasound is also quite popular for the brows, face, and neck. Careful patient selection is necessary to avoid modest results.  It deposits focused energy below the skin surface to promote collagen production. Patients can benefit from several procedures, sometimes on an annual  basis for maintenance therapy.

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