Nov 24, 2017

Newest Option in Abdominoplasty Surgery

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By Carolynn Grimes

If you’re considering a tummy tuck, there’s a new product on the market that may help in your recovery. Thousands of women undergo abdominoplasty surgery each year to eliminate loose skin and fat after childbirth or weight loss.

The procedure can have amazing results, however, the recovery isn’t so easy. For most, it means weeks of downtime and typically having drains placed near the incision site. These drains siphon off the extra fluid that accumulates between the abdominal tissues.

TissuGlu: The Newest Option in Abdominoplasty Surgery
But now, Ashley Gordon, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon from Austin,Texas, says placing a medical adhesive or glue at the surgical site can eliminate the need for drains. This new adhesive called, TissuGlu, gives plastic surgeons a new option for drainless tummy tucks. “The patients are so excited about not having drains. I don’t think that I realized how much anxiety drains created for them,” says Gordon.

What patients and nurses are saying…
For Celina, a recent tummy tuck patient and mother of three, not having drains was a big relief. “I was already worried about a lot of other things, caring for my kids and my household, while I was recovering. So not having to worry about drains; I was really happy to hear that!”

Kacie Killough, a registered nurse from Austin, Texas says, the aftercare is so much easier for patients and their caregivers. “You have relieved anxiety for them. Patients are able to focus more on healing because they’re not messing with drains; trying to hide them in their clothes, emptying them, and keeping records of the fluids. Drains are a lot of extra time,” states Killough.

FDA Approved
TissuGlu was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015, but have been used in Europe for many years. “The FDA’s approval of the first synthetic adhesive for internal use will help some abdominoplasty patients get back to their daily routine after surgery more quickly than if surgical drains had been inserted,” said William Maisel, MD, MPH, deputy director for science at the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

Before abdominoplasty surgery, check with your plastic surgeon to find out if you’re a good candidate for a drain-free tummy tuck.

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