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Melasma 101: Cover & Treatment

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Melasma has been a skin condition that has been getting a bit more attention than it usually enjoys due to its appearance and discussion via several beauty vloggers on YouTube recently.  It usually appears on women in their late 20s to 30s due to a variety of factors: hormonal contraception, sun exposure and pregnancy aka the "pregnancy mask" people speak of as it is usually on the face and is driven by hormones which undergo changes in the body when a woman is pregnant.  I have some mild melasma myself so I was interested in what makeup can do about it for me and for my readers.

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Melasma is a harmless tan to brown/grey skin discoloration of the pigmentation of the skin due to the factors I listed above.  It can vary in size, location and strength of color.  I have melasma on my top lip right side which I only recently noticed and under my bottom lip on either side of my chin.  It is very hormone driven and I have been taking the contraceptive pill for over a decade, if I stopped taking it the melasma may disappear.  It is incredibly variant in how it affects people, mainly women though probably from the hormones.

To prevent or maintain melasma from worsening it is highly advisable to wear High SPF 30+ sun cream daily and reapplying every four hours if heavily sweating or in and out of water daily no matter what you are doing.  I wear suncream all over any exposed body parts and BB cream with SPF etc on face.  The sun we get incidentally walking to the shop, hanging clothes outside, gardening are when we usually aren't protected from the sun because it is not as obvious as going to the beach or the swimming pools. 

Skincare preparations can assist you with the appearance of melasma.   I think it is best to see a dermatologist for official diagnosis and to obtain the right products with the right active ingredients but if you want to try and treat it yourself there are some good products out there and that are reasonably priced.

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