Sep 29, 2016

Lipedema And Disfiguring Fat Deposits In Women

Lipedema And Disfiguring Fat Deposits In Women - ZALEA Article Banner

Judy Maggiore remembers looking in the mirror in college, perplexed by her body's disproportion.

"I was skinny. I was a stick. The upper part of my body was really, really thin. You could see my ribs!" exclaims Maggiore. "But from the waist down, it was like there were two of me or something."

Tree-trunk-like legs and a slim upper body are the signature characteristic of a lipedema patient. You can starve yourself and exercise for hours a day and the fat will not regress. But Maggiore didn't know that at the time. She swore off bathing suits and hit the gym fanatically.

Even though she was mystified by her body, she didn't consider going to the doctor.

"Clearly, there was something wrong with me. I wasn't eating the right things. I wasn't exercising correctly."

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