Jun 29, 2015

Intrigue : Marilyn’s in the news again!

Intrigue : Marilyn’s in the news again! - ZALEA Article Banner

By Anna Marques

We’re talking about Monroe, of course, not Manson, and the poor woman’s probably never going to be able to rest in peace.   Marilyn Monroe’s face has to be the most famous female face in modern history, as far as beauty is concerned.  From other fields of human endeavor we’ve got some famous frights (the Mona Lisa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maggie Thatcher, the Queen of England -- pick any), but then, none of them had the advantage we now enjoy, of getting those features that really bug us fixed: the double chin, the bump on the nose, the baggy lower lids.  Turns out Monroe didn’t get famous entirely on what nature gave her either. In the news recently, cosmetics giant Max Factor has appointed Monroe its new “global ambassador” leaving some people scratching their heads about how a person dead since 1962 can get much done on the global ambassador front.  But Monroe apparently represents what Max Factor wants very badly to resuscitate: the glamor that used to be the company’s trademark.  Critics protest that no cosmetics company can claim to have made Monroe the beauty she was, and that Norma Jean was never a frump, having been born beautiful.  Probably true, but it seems her plastic surgeon should have gotten some of the credit as well.   Physician notes and X-rays dug up a couple of years ago reveal that in 1950, the 24-year old star sought help from a Hollywood surgeon for what she called her “chin deformity,” and that she went on to get both a “tip rhinoplasty” (nose job) and a chin augmentation. Au naturel or not, even with Monroe out there now doing her global ambassador thing as the new old face of Max Factor, will the company be able to give the younger upstarts, like MAC and Sephora, a run for their money?  This pundit doesn’t think so. By the way, Marilyn’s medical file sold at a Beverly Hills auction in 2013 for a sweet $25,600 to an “avid” (or shall we say “die hard”?) fan. 

To read more about Marilyn Monroe’s new gig, go to: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jan/09/max-factor-cant-claim-marilyn-monroe

And for more on chin augmentation, and a famous Hong Kong actress who many say went too far in seeking the perfect V-shape chin, hotly desired by Asian women, see: http://www.slashplug.com/health/beauty-beast-actress-fanny-sieh-plastic-surgery-addiction-led-disfigurement/

Glannce contains ZALEA original content written and edited by Anna Marques

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