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Importance of Patient Safety in Plastic Surgery

Importance of Patient Safety in Plastic Surgery - ZALEA Article Banner

Increasingly in the news cycle, we hear about deaths occurring in people who have undergone plastic surgery procedures. With the growing popularity of fat injections to the buttocks in the United States, many of these reports focus on deaths occurring after this procedure, or the injection of other illicit materials such as silicone. Just last month, a 29-year-old mother of two died after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift at a clinic in Miami.

While any type of elective surgery carries risks with it, the sad reality is that many of these deaths could probably have been prevented. The pursuit of the perfect derriere has caused many individuals seeking such enhancement to seek out providers who often do not have the requisite credentials or training to perform such procedures. In the case of the aforementioned woman, the clinic she went to claimed that their doctors were “board-certified.”

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