Jun 29, 2015

Go ahead be a little #Selfie

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A Selfie is worth a thousand words and those words shouldn’t include “ew!” “yikes!” or “what was I thinking?!”  
by Anna Marques

Yes, like it or not, the selfie – both the word and the act of snapping yourself – seems to have settled in to stay.   Not only was “selfie” enshrined as an actual dictionary word, in 2013, but it prompted a rush to the Trademark Office by people wanting to nail it down for everything from candy to sunscreen to notepaper.  At last count, 153 trademark applications were filed, from the rather obvious TAKE A BETTER SELFIE, for fitness DVDS (“duh”), to the somewhat saucy GO F@#% YOUR #SELFIE, for clothing, which, sadly, was refused by easily-offended folks at the Trademark Office as
“immoral or scandalous.” 
  As for the taking of a selfie, it’s hard enough to get a good one when nature dealt you a royal flush in the looks department.  There’s the contorted shoulder (the obvious attempt to make it look as if someone else snapped the pic  -- shall we call it an ELSIE?) the sometimes weird angle on your face and neck, the embarrassing glimpse of your toilet in the background.  But what about the rest of us, not-so-perfect specimens?  How do we get great selfies?  Check in with your plastic surgeon or dermatologist to find out!  In 2014, the selfie was reported to be a big motivator for people to improve their appearance with cosmetic surgery or other aesthetic procedures.  One Manhattan plastic surgeon even cites the selfie as responsible for a 25% increase in his business over the past two and a half years.   And don’t expect the impact of the selfie to fade away in 2015.  The trend shows no sign of expiring this year, according to docs, and everyone from teens to the near-dead are seeing themselves all over social networks, and rushing to their plastic surgeons, holding out their smartphones as proof of what’s wrong with their looks.  So, is the selfie just another darned thing to worry about?  Or the push you need to find out what can be done to get your face (and maybe your body too) out there on Facebook pages and smartphones – not to mention the 3 dimensional world -- looking your awesome best?    

ZALEA original content written and edited by Anna Marques

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