Jun 27, 2017

Breast Reduction Without Surgery Tips: How to Reduce Breast Size

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From the runway to Instagram, smaller breast sizes seem to be a trending aesthetic. And the trend has reached the plastic surgery world. According to the annual report put out by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, over 110,000 breast reduction surgery procedures were performed last year, an increase of nearly 9 percent.

Whether it’s due to the ever-changing standard of beauty, or simply the physical burden of large breasts, women are looking for ways to reduce their breast size – it might not work for everyone, but these simple lifestyle changes might help reduce breast size without surgery:

1. Reduce consumption of fatty, sugary, and salty food

Considering breasts are made up of fatty tissue, it makes sense that reducing the amount of fat intake will help reduce breast size as well. Fried foods and foods with a lot of butter should be avoided, and red meat should be eaten in moderation.

Another ingredient in foods that may be causing a bigger bust is over consumption of sugar. Check the nutrition to make sure your sugar intake is reasonable, and avoid high-sugar drinks such as some coffees, juices and sodas.

Overly salty foods can also cause the retention of water and bloating, and in turn, bigger breasts. It’s recommended that daily intake of salt should be limited to 2,300 mg per day, so reducing high-salt foods such as bacon, salami, chips and pizza can help stay healthy.

2. Add antioxidants, proteins, and other healthy foods to your diet

After cutting unhealthy foods, adding certain things to your diet can help reduce breast size. The easiest thing to do is increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables you eat. Fruits high in antioxidants such as watermelon, berries, and especially nuts can keep you healthy and energized, and help limit fat accumulation. Some fruit juice have these healthy antioxidants and can also be good for your skin. Veggies high in water like spinach and other leafy greens can keep you hydrated and limit bloating.

Drinking ginger root tea once a day can increase healthy nutrients and antioxidants and  has also been known to have a slimming effect.

3. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

Although exercise reduces fat in your whole body – not just a specific area – it can still be a useful tool to reduce breast size. A daily walk or some type of cardio can help you slim down and stay healthy. Aerobics and healthy exercise such as swimming, stretching or yoga, and running are other types of fat busting movement that help you lose fat deposits in your chest.

4. Try topical and herbal remedies known for breast reduction/health

There are a few herbal remedies that have been known to help reduce breast size. Rubia cordifolia (AKA manjistha) is a natural herb that has been used by men to help reduce breast enlargement. This herb, which can be used by women as well, is high in antioxidants and cleansing elements, and works by controlling the estrogen levels which contribute to large breasts.

Another remedy involves a topical paste made from fenugreek seeds. Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds in water overnight, grind them into a paste, and apply a layer of the paste onto your breasts. Rinse with warm water after 10 minutes and repeat twice a week.

5. Check for cancer or other abnormalities that could cause breast size abnormality

Sometimes breast size can be influenced by abnormalities such as tumors or breast cancer. Especially if you are over 35 and are experiencing not only breast enlargement but also problems with breast symmetry, you should make an appointment with your doctor to make sure you are healthy. While cancer is more common with older women, if you are younger and concerned about a lump or any other abnormality, consult a doctor.

While all shapes and sizes are beautiful, not everyone can wear those adorable bralettes, and surgery might seem like more than some are willing to do. So if you’re interested in reducing your bust line without the help of cosmetic surgery, look at your diet and exercise routine and maybe try some natural remedies – but above all, stay healthy!

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