Oct 16, 2015

(ASDS 2015 - Chicago) : Picosecond Laser Technology

(ASDS 2015 - Chicago) : Picosecond Laser Technology - ZALEA Article Banner

Dr. Roy Geronemus from the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York just stepped off the podium at the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Annual Meeting in Chicago. His topic? New laser technology that uses Pico-seconds to disrupt pigment particles in the skin with less damage to the surrounding tissue than previous techniques. This technology is currently used for the removal of brown sun spots and unwanted tattoos. In his practice, he has even seen improvement in resistant tattoos that had been treated previously. He has also seen the rapid removal of blue, green, and yellow, which have been the hardest colors of tattoo ink to remove safety and efficiently.

One new procedure that Dr. Geronemus discussed is using this similar technology for non-invasive facial rejuvenation. Rather than targeting the pigment in the skin, this new treatment cause micro-injuries with a fractionated pico pattern in the skin to stimulate overall skin repair and, therefore, improve skin texture and tone. His key takeaways for this new form of skin rejuvenation treatment are:

  • Minimal downtime, with redness lasting only two to three hours

  • Very effective for acne scars in all skin types

  • Very high safety profile on darker-skinned patients

  • Also, resistant tattoos
Written for ZALEA and edited by Dr. Roy Geronemus and Dr Christopher B. Zachary


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