Sep 29, 2016 Current Health News

Acne's Silver Lining: Slower Aging of the Skin?

Acne's Silver Lining: Slower Aging of the Skin? - ZALEA Article Banner

There's some potentially good news for people with a history of acne -- their skin may age more slowly than those who didn't have to suffer mottled skin through adolescence.

That's the suggestion of a British study that included just over 1,200 twins. One-quarter of them struggled with acne at some point in their life.

"For many years, dermatologists have identified that the skin of acne sufferers appears to age more slowly than in those who have not experienced any acne in their lifetime. While this has been observed in clinical settings, the cause of this was previously unclear," said lead researcher Dr. Simone Ribero. He is a dermatologist in the department of twin research and genetic epidemiology at King's College London.

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