Well-informed patients deserve the best cosmetic physicians.

Consumers scour the internet to find information and physicians for cosmetic procedures, but they are often misled by advertorial content and paid physician ratings. As a board-certified physician, you recognize the value of well-informed patients.

With the most comprehensive cosmetic procedure content and the fastest-growing patient viewership, ZALEA draws patients to content that is relevant to them—and then refers those patients directly to you. By participating in ZALEA, you have the power to place your practice credentials and your practice brand in an entirely new dimension.

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The true power of ZALEA

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    Well-Informed Patients Looking for You

    Quality Patients + Quantity of Patients = the Golden Ticket. ZALEA is not only the fastest-growing cosmetic content site, it also delivers extensive, unbiased news—leading to highly engaged patients.

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    Increase Patient Traffic
    on YOUR Website

    You invest heavily in your brand and your online presence. ZALEA recognizes the value of increasing your website and social media sites' time-on-page. ZALEA Feed delivers customized news directly to your website.

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    Exclusive Membership

    You are invited to be part of the rapidly growing ZALEA team. This exclusive membership is offered by invitation only to board-certified aesthetic physicians who provide the highest level of care for patients.

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    Comprehensive, Fact-Checked Content
    That's Fair and Balanced

    Patients are often misled by advertorial content and paid physician ratings. ZALEA is committed to a non-advertorial environment focused solely on cosmetic concerns. The daily stream of news is reviewed by an expert panel to ensure unbiased content, which leads to better-informed patients.

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The ZALEA Feed brings traffic to your site.

Fresh, Reliable Content Helps Boost Search Rankings

By integrating the ZALEA feed into your existing website, you are providing information that helps your patients make informed decisions about cosmetic procedures. You are also helping raise your website’s profile with search engines. Google has made freshness a factor in its search algorithm for years, and it continues to favor pages that are updated frequently.

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The best cosmetic physicians deserve the most
well-informed patients.

Not Just a Profile

We are interested in every aspect of your practice. Upload photos, accreditations, awards and media pieces. Present your practice, staff and yourself exactly the way you want with our highly customizable physician section.

Gallery - Showcase your Results

Create a full featured before and after gallery to highlight your procedures and results. You have the flexibility to create both Public and Private photos for maximum impact and discretion.

Auto Discovery on all the time

Through our advanced content matching and geo-tagging systems, your profile will always be visible through your photos and procedures. Our momentum ranking system assures the most relevant and popular content is presented to the viewer.

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